U.S. Army LeTourneau Super C Tournapull w/LP Carryall(U.S.A.9242642) on 42′ Flat Car USAX 23531(EME38-FC3.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today •

WWII/Korea • Weathered • Die-Cast LeTourneau Super C Tournapull with LP Carryall • 42’ Flat Car w/ Natural Wood Plank Deck • Scratch-built Accessories • US Army Corps of Engineers

[CTN NO.38]

Base Price: $350.00
Model No: EME38-FC3.2USA

Product Description

COMBO-DEMO_EME37B-FC6.2USA_U.S. Army Crawler Tractor & Le Tourneau Scraper & EME38-FC3.2USA_U.S. Army LeTourneau Super C Tournapull & EME33-FC3.2USA_U.S. Army LeTourneau Carry-All Scraper

Tourn-a-pull on Guam, Date-Jun 1945

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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