U.S. Army Long Tom 155mm Field Gun mounted on a 42′ Flat Car USAX 17448(AR1-FC3.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

U.S. Army M-1 “Long Tom” 155mm towed field gun with tarp covered muzzle and breech(WWII/Korea Battle Weathered version) on 42´ flat car with wood plank deck and die-cast sprung trucks.

[CTN NO.1]

Base Price: $375.00
Model No: AR1-FC3.2USA

Product Description

Photo No. 3590
Photo No. 3590
Photo No. 3593
Flat CarLoad_155mm" Long Tom" Field Gun
Flat CarLoad_155mm” Long Tom” Field Gun

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
Photo No. 3589
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