U.S. Army M3 General Lee Tank on 35′ Drop Center Flat Car USA 23233(AV10.1-FC5.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today • (CTN30)

WWII/Korea • Die-cast • Battle Weathered • Scratch-built wood crates & Loads • 35ʼ Drop Center Flat Car w/ Natural Wood Plank Deck

Also Note: The turret is reversible and  gun barrels are moveable .

[CTN NO.30]

Base Price: $325.00

Product Description

L. to R._AV13-FC5.2~1R_M4A3(75) Sherman Tank, AV10-FC5.2USA_M3 General Lee Tank, AV15.1-FC5.2USA_M7B1 “Priest” Howitzer Motor Carriage
Early WWII photo of General Lee Tank with crew in North Africa holding ammo shells – Signal Corps Photo


Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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