U.S. Navy Dodge WC51 Cargo Carrier w/USN Zodiak Boat w/Motor & Tow Trailer on 40′ Flat Car USNX 23532(V23-FC2.2USN)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

• WWII/Korea • U.S. Navy Dodge WC51 4×4 Truck w/Canvas Cover • Tow rope wrapped around front bumper • Weathered Load • Die-cast & Plastic •  Zodiak Assault Boat with Outboard Motor on Tow Trailer with Tie-down Lines & Twisties • 40ʼ Flat Car w/ Natural Wood Distressed Plank Deck • Supply Crate Load with Tarp Roll on Flat Car •

[CTN NO.1]

Base Price: $325.00
Model No: V23-FC2.2USN

Product Description

US NAVY 3-Car Combo Demo A., Searchlight Caboose(CAB2-FC1.2USN)/Propeller Shipment w/Anchor(BSA4A.2-FC5.2USN)/Dodge WC51 Cargo Carrier w/USN Zodiak Boat w/Motor(V23-FC2.2USN)

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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