US Army Amphibious GPA Jeeps on 40′ Flat Car U.S.A. 2362633(MV2AA-FC2.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today • (CTN 31)

WWII • Lightly Weathered • Die-cast • Scratch-built Supplies Load with Tarp Bundle • Real Wood Plank Deck, weatered & distressed,  on 40′ Flat Car • Pics shown with lowered windshields under canvas covers and splash guards positioned forward

[CTN NO. 31]

Base Price: $325.00
Model No: MV2AA-FC2.2USA

Product Description

_US soldiers chaining amphibious jeeps to flat car of troop train. USA, 1943 Photographer Myron Davis Source Life
Ford-GPA-amphibious-jeeps-and-DUKW-amphibian-truck-camouflaged-and-processed-for-shipment-overseas-27-May-1943. Signal Corps Photo.
GPA, General Purpose Amphibian or Amphibious Jeep(Seep) shown 1943.

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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