US Army Captured WWII German Pz VI Tiger Tank 205 on U.S. Army 42` Flat Car USAX 24723(CAPAV2.5-FC3.2BUSA/GER)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today • (CTN 14)

• WWII • Die-cast • Turret No. 205 • Battle Weathered • Die-cast 6 Wheel Trucks & Couplers • White Camo

[CTN NO.14]

Base Price: $375.00
Model No: CAPAV2.5-FC3.2BUSA/GER

Product Description


This U.S. Army  flat car is hauling a captured WWII German Pz VI Tiger I tank. The load and the flat car have a “battle weathered” finish. This Tiger is camouflaged winter white as it was captured on Russia`s Eastern Front in the winter campaign of 1943. The tank is made of die-cast metal. It is mounted on a U.S. Army 42′ flat car with a real weathered wood plank deck, wood chocks and blocks and die-cast trucks. This car is from the Aberdeen Proving Ground series. Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland is where enemy equipment was taken for testing and evaluation during WWII.

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
Photo No. 3689
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