US Army Captured WWII German V-2 Rocket on US Army 50′ War Emergency Gondola USAX23096(CAPMR25B.2-GON9USA-GER)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today •

• End of WWII • Non-Weathered Captured German V-2 Rocket • V-2 Rocket is 1/48 scale built from a Plastic Model Kit • Rocket is transported in a scratch-built cradle with removable camouflage netting in a US Army War Emergency Gondola and is weathered • The V-2 Rocket is removable and comes with firing platform for optional display • Correct German Black & White  V-2 Rocket  markings and US Army gondola markings

This model represents the realism of a new German V-2 Rocket, captured in Germany in late WWII, shipped on a used and weathered US Army 50′ War Emergency Gondola to a US military installation in Europe and then on to the U.S for evaluation and research.

NOTE: This model design is from the Modelcrafters Archives History Collection.

[CTN 41]

Base Price: $485.00

Product Description

WWII German V-2 Rocket on German Rail Cars
American GI’s inspect the Bromskirchen train and the captured V-2 rocket cargo
Shipments of captured V2’s after being captured in Germany at the end of WWII,
V2’s bound for Westerwald in Germany at the end of WWII,
The V-2 rocket (German- Vergeltungswaffe 2, i.e. retaliation weapon 2), technical name Aggregat-4 (A4).
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