US Army GMC Cargo Truck with Gas Can Load & Tow Trailer on 40′ Flat Car, U.S.A. 2146131(V8D-FC2.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

• WWII • GMC Cargo Truck with Gas Can Load  • Die-cast • Weathered • Scratch-built Tarp Covers & Assorted Scratch-built Accessories in Cargo Bed • Trailer Tow with Gas Can Load • Tie-down cables on trailer with wood twisties • Tow Rope wrapped on Bumper • Authentic Markings • Unique Serial Number for each GMC Truck • Commemorating the WWII “Red Ball Express”.

[CTN NO. 51]

Base Price: $325.00
Model No: V8D-FC2.2USA

Product Description

REDBALL MILITARY TRANSPORT takes its name from the famous WWII truck supply route, the Red Ball Express, 1944
Red Ball Express trucks load up ammunition from railroad box cars
Convoy_Red_Ball_Express w/breakdown vehicle

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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