US Army GP-9 Diesel Locomotive 5974(A1408-1USA-OD)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

• Vietnam Era • Weathered • Atlas “O” 3-Rail TMCC(OEM) • Olive Drab

PLEASE NOTE: I purchased this locomotive new some years back and just recently decided to repaint it as a US ARMY locomotive. After painting it I put it on the test track and discovered that it was not operating properly. This locomotive was then sent to the Atlas Model Railroad Company and found to be in need of repairs. I had the locomotive repaired and upgraded.

The invoice reads as follows:
“Repair of product repainted US ARMY GP 9 #5974 replace burnt out EOB board with ERR Cruse Commander and updated Rail Sounds include 2 exhaust stacks and operating instructions”

The customer who purchases this locomotive will receive a copy of the invoice, the original operating instruction booklet and the companies operating instruction booklet for the new upgraded features replaced. The original box along with the packing materials will also be included as when new.

[CTN NO.35]

Base Price: $725.00
Model No: A1408-1USA(OD)

Product Description

Photo No. 3037
Photo No. 3037
Photo No. 3040
Photo No. 3040

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
Photo No. 3035
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