US Army M4A3 Sherman Tanks w/75mm & 105mm Turrets on 50′ Flat Car USAX 23022(MV8AA.1-FC6.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

WWII/Korea • Die-cast M4A3 Sherman Tanks w/75mm & 105mm Turrets • Battle Weathered • Scratch-built Tarp Covers on Muzzle • Wood Crate Supply Load w/Tarp Rolls on Tank Rear Engine Cover • 50 Cal. Machine Guns Tarp Wrapped(removable) • 50ʼ Flat Car w/ Natural Distressed Wood Plank Deck & Scratch-built Supply Load between Tanks • Die-cast Sprung Trucks • Tanks being shipped back to base after field maneuvers.

NOTE: The antennas and machine guns are removable.

[CTN NO. 40]

Base Price: $425.00
Model No: MV8AA.1-FC6.2USA

Product Description

M4A1 Sherman tanks on flat cars, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, Newport News, VA, 28 Feb. 1943
Sherman tanks fresh from the Baldwin Locomotive plant 1944


Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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