US Army M4(75) Sherman Tank on 42′ Flat Car USAX 23523(AV3.2.OS-OSFC3.2USA)_Operates on 2-Rail “O”Scale track • Available Today • (CTN 37)

“O” SCALE/2-RAIL • WWII Era Sherman Tank, 75mm • Plastic & Die-cast Tank • Battle Weathered • Scratch-built Accessories • Removable 50 Cal. Machine Gun • 42ʼ Weathered Flat Carw/”O” Scale Operating Trucks & Couplers w/Natural Wood Plank Deck • Removable Muzzle Cover •

Also Note: The turret is reversible and the machine gun and antennae(if included)  are removable.

[CTN NO.37]

Base Price: $595.00
Model No: AV3.2.OS-OSFC3.2USA

Product Description

PHOTO NO. 4398
PHOTO NO. 4402
PHOTO NO. 4407
Combo Demo of M10 Tank Destroyer & M4 Sherman Tank_4435
M4A1 Sherman medium tank awaiting loading while an M3A3 Stuart light tank is lifted in the air, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, Newport News, VA, 28 February 1943


Product Features

Scale O Scale
Photo No. 4398
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