US Army M4A3(76)W Sherman Tank w/Cullen Hedgerow Device & 76mm Gun on 42’Flat Car USAX23533(AV3.5-FC3.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today • (CTN 4)

• WWII/Korea • Battle Weathered • 76mm Gun Turret • Cullen Hedgerow Device • Die-cast • Scratch-built Accessories • 42′ Flat Car w/Real Wood Plank Deck & Die-cast Sprung Trucks • 50 Cal. Machine Gun, Removable

Note: The Cullen Hedgerow Device attached to the front of the tank was a field modification used to plow thru the Bocage hedgerows of Normandy during the WWII D-Day Invasion.

Also Note: The turret is reversible and the machine gun and antennae(if included)  are removable.

[CTN NO.4]

Base Price: $360.00
Model No: AV3.5-FC3.2USA

Product Description


“BATTLING BITCH” M4A1 with hedgerow cutters, WWII


Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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