US Army Nike Hercules SAM Missile & Launcher(U.S. Army 651300) on 50′ Flat Car USAX23566(MR3-FC6.2 USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today • (CTN 33)

• Cold War Era • Non-Weathered Missile & Launcher, Flat Car is Weathered • Missile & Launcher built from Plastic Model Kit • 50ʼ Flat Car, die-cast sprung trucks w/weathered, distressed floor w/ US Army markings • Positional missile launcher, Removable missile • Correct US Army Missile & Launcher markings

This model represents the realism of a new Nike Hercules Missile and Launcher being shipped to a military installation on a used and weathered US Army 50′ Flat Car.

NOTE: This model design is from the Modelcrafters Archives History Collection.

[CTN NO. 33]

Base Price: $485.00
Model No: MR3-FC6.2 USA

Product Description


US Army Nike Hercules Missile & Launcher on 50′ Flat Car USAX23566(MR3-FC6.2 USA)Travel position shown_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track


This pic is a demo of the adjustable position showing the design of the Launcher fully adjusted in firing position. The missile is removable.
Missile Range, 1950’s-60’s, shown are Nike Hercules SAM Missiles.
White Sands, NM Missile Range, 1950’s-60’s, shown are Nike Hercules & Nike Ajax SAM Missiles.
Cold War Nike defense missile system family on display at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Circa 1960
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