US Army Steam “RailSounds” Box Car with Door Cargo Insert USAX 17457(SC11.1USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today • (CTN 32)

• WWII & Korea • Weathered • Scratch-built Ammo
Crates & Supplies shown in open door(one side only), other door stays shut(electronics fill doorway) • Sound of Steam Rail-Sounds by Lionel • US Army Transportation Corps markings

[CTN NO.32]

Base Price: $375.00
Model No: SC11.1USA

Product Description

Photo No. 3001_Shown with door open and cargo load visable. Please note that the interior of the box car is filled with the electronics needed for "RailSounds".
Photo No. 3001_Shown with door open and “cargo load” visible. Please note that the simulated “cargo load” obscures the electronics in the interior of the box car needed for the “Rail-Sounds”.
PHOTO NO. 3009
PHOTO NO. 3009_This photo shows the “Rail-Sounds” Box Car supporting the Base Steam Switcher giving added authentic sounds to the steam loco. The Rail-Sounds car is good for all P.W. Lionel steamers where realistic operation is desired.
SC11.1USA_Steam "RailSounds" Wood-Sided Box Car~1(Door Closed)_3003
Photo No. 3003_The reverse side of car has the door closed. No room for accessories to be shown because of electronics to operate Rail-Sounds.

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
Photo No. 3005
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