US Army WC51 Dodge 4×4 & WC63 Dodge 6X6 Ambulances on 42′ Flat Car U.S.A.408546(MV29-FC3.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

• WWII • Lightly Weathered • Die-cast • Medical Corps • Red Cross markings • Tow rope wrapped around front bumpers • Canvas Tarp Covers • 42ʼ Flat Car w/ Natural Wood Plank Deck * Wood Crate Supply Load with Ambulance Stretchers mounted on flat car

NOTE: These WC Dodges were re-purposed as needed in the field during WWII when there was a shortage of Dodge WC54 Ambulances.

[CTN NO.4]

Base Price: $375.00
Model No: MV29-FC3.2USA

Product Description

COMBO-DEMO_SC13BUSA_US Army 60′ Troop Hospital Ward Car & SC1.2USA_US Army Hospital Supply Car & MV29-FC3.2USA_US Army WC51 Dodge 4×4 & WC62 Dodge 6X6 Ambulances & CAB4G.2-FC2.2USA_US Army WC62 Dodge 6×6 Ambulance on 40′ Transport Caboose
WC-51 Dodge Truck, Cargo, 3/4 ton, 4×4 crosses a field of Dragon’s Teeth tank obstacles using a path cleared by US Army Engineers, ETO, circa 1945. The WC-51 is marked as an ambulance
Battle-Damaged WC-63 Ambulance, 1 1/2-Ton, 6 x 6, Truck


Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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