US Army WWII Captured Battle Damaged German JagdPanther 301 on U.S. Army 42` Flat Car USAX 23032(CAPAV3.3-FC3.2USA/GER)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today •

• WWII • Die-cast • Turret No. 301 • Die-cast Sprung 4 Wheel Trucks & Couplers • Assault Camouflage used primarily during the Battle of the Bulge • Battled Weathered • Track breakage,  Shell piercing armor and road wheel damage •

NOTE: This car is from the Aberdeen Proving Ground series. Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland is where enemy equipment was taken for testing and evaluation during WWII.

[CTN NO.17]

Base Price: $350.00
Model No: CAPAV3.3-FC3.2USA-GER

Product Description


PHOTO NO. 4480
PHOTO NO. 4481
PHOTO NO. 4485
Jagdpanther knocked out by SPG March 1945

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
Photo No. 4480
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