USMC 32′ Transport Caboose w/Closed Cover Jeep on USMC 23522 Flat Car, Lighted, (CAB4A-FC1.2USMC)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

• WWII/Korea • Weathered Transport Caboose • Interior Lighting • Willy’s Jeep w/Closed Canvas Cover • Spare Tire on Jeep Hood • USMC Markings with Iwo Jima Invasion Camouflage Pattern on 40′ Flat Car

[CTN NO. 23]

Base Price: $295.00
Model No: CAB4A-FC1.2USMC

Product Description

COMBO DEMO_USMC 32′ Transport Caboose w/Jeep & 40′ Flat Car w/DUKW
USMC WWII DEMO SET, Iwo Jima Invasion Camoflage, M4 Sherman w/wood side armor, DUKW w/Tarp Cover, Transport Caboose w/Covered Jeep, Operates on O Gauge, 3-Rail Track.
3-Pc. USMC Combo Demo(2 Tanks & 1 Caboose)~1_4320.(for referwnce only)

Iwo Jima, USMC LVT(A)4 Amtank B22 & Knocked out jeep

USMC Jeep in Iwo Jima lava ash

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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