USMC Sherman M4A3w/Improvised 55 Gal. Drum Deep Wading Trunks & Turret Track Armor/40′ Flat Car USMC23524(AV3G.2-FC2.2USMC)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track • Available Today • (CTN 24)

WWII Pacific Theater • USMC • Die-cast • Battle Weathered • Improvised 55 Gal. Drum Deep Wading Trunks • Bolted on Soft Wood Armor • Track Armor on Turret • Scratch-built Supply Crate with Rolled Netting • Tarp with Accessory Chain • Removable 50 Cal Machine Gun with Tarp Cover & Antennae • Tarp Covered Muzzle • 40ʼ Flat Car w/ Natural Wood Plank Deck • Die-cast Sprung Trucks & Couplers

[CTN NO. 24]

Base Price: $375.00
Model No: AV3G.2-FC2.2USMC

Product Description

USMC M4 Sherman tanks are equipped with deep fording trunks, apparently improvised from 55-gal steel drums(GUAM)
The USMC M4 Sherman is equipped with deep wading trunks — possibly improvised from 55-gal drums

Product Features

Scale O Gauge
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