US Army M16 Halftrack w/Quad 50’s & 1 Ton Tow on 42′ Flat Car USA 23310(AV9G.1-FC3.2USA)_Operates on 3-Rail “O”Gauge track

• WWII/Korea • Die-cast • Battle Weathered Armored Halftrack with Quad 50mm Anti-Aircraft Machine Guns • Scratch-built Tarps • 42′ Flat Car • 1-Ton, 4-Wheel Trailer Tow w/Assorted Scratch-built Crates and Supplies, Trailer Tie-down Cables w/ “wood twisties” • Truck & Trailer Tow being shipped back to base after field maneuvers.


[CTN NO. 26]

Base Price: $350.00
Model No: AV9G.1-FC3.2USA

Product Description

COMBO-DEMO_AV9F-FC3.2USA_US Army M3A1 Half Track w/50 Cal. Gun Ring & MV5DF-FC6.2USA_US Army_M16 HalfTrack w-Quad 50’s & M3A1 Half Track & AV9G.1-FC3.2USA_US Army M16 Halftrack w/Quad 50’s
M16 Half-track Multiple Gun Motor Carriages, each with 4 .50 cal. machine guns, Remagen Bridge over the Rhine River, March 1945(Signal Corps Photo)
M16 MGMC with M45 Quadmount,  Remagen Ludendorff Bridge March 1945(Signal Corps Photo)

M16 HT Dug In

M16 HT “Hitlers Hearse”

M16 Half-Track w/Maxon M-45 quad mount

Product Features

Scale O Gauge

Commemorative Model Replicas

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